Love personal online horoscope

This is a personal love horoscope which is reflected by the position of Venus, Moon, Neptune in twelve houses.

This horoscope will let you know what awaits you in love, if you are ready for recklessness or serious relationships, what method of dating you should choose, whether you should change the rules and to start a new round of love game, what sexual script of relations will bring more satisfaction.

Personal horoscope takes into account your time, date, time zone and birth location.

Horoscope's example »
In a person's life there are creative and fruitless, fortunate and unfortunate day, days when a person is happy or depressed. It was noticed that the abilities of human's organism change periodically. After a specific period of time, human's organism returns to the same state.
Biological rhythm's curves can be presented as sinusoids. The beginning of every curve is date of birth. In the first half of every period sinusoid's values are positive – these are days of a working mood, good mood, during these days (when sinusoid's values are negative) a person is passive and in a bad mood.
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 Physical  Emotional  Intellectual
 Intuition  Spiritual  Aesthetic
Today's status of your biorhythms

Physical biorhythm determines the energy of the person, his strength, stamina, coordination of movement.
Emotional biorhythm determines the status of the nervous system and the mood.
Intellectual biorhythm is responsible for logic, mind, educability, combinatory. Affects the ability to work according to plan by using mental abilities.
Intuitive biorhythmis responsible for inspiration, perception of unconscious impulses.
Spiritual biorhythm determines the ability of inner and external perception, sensitivity.
Esthetic biorhythm is responsible for sense of artistry, for approach to beauty, harmony and art.
Comprehension(wisdom) determines the understanding of the world, one's role in it and the things that are truly important in life.

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