Yearly horoscope for 2020
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What is the horoscope

What is the horoscope Horoscope (from Greek ώρα, deadline, period of time, hour, and from Greek σκοπός, guard, eavesdropper) which literally means ‘the guard of his own hour(period)’, also radix (lat. Radix – root) – in astrology the schematic display of planets’ position like Sun, Moon and others on ecliptic during a specific period of time which interests the astrologer.

Zodiac signs are considered to be the determining factor for horoscope creation and have a significant influence on a person's destiny.Many people who want to know about their future or just want to understand their present situation seek help from astrologists and fortunetellers. They don't ever realize that they can predict the events that await them with a high accuracy.

In ancient Greek, Zodiac means "a cycle of life". The thing is that during the entire life, a person experiences 12 stages of development which correspond with the Zodiac signs. That's why 12 Zodiac signs or 12 life stages are especially topical for us.
There's a specific concept in Astrology which is called Pars vita or a "point of life". According to Zodiac, it moves with a speed 4.5 degrees per year, starting its way in Aries and finishing it in Pisces. In every sign of Pars vita, it spends exactly 7 years. If we know in which Zodiac sign the point of life is located then we can determine with which we’ll have to on a specific life stage. If we multiply 7 years by 12, we’ll get 84 years. This is nothing, but the time which is required for Uranus to pass all Zodiac signs. Basically, out 84 y. life is divided into 12 seven-year cycles, during which we must fulfill a specific program to give an opportunity for our certain abilities to show up that are implemented into us since our birth. When all 12 Zodiac signs are passed, Pars vita once again returns to the initial position – first radius from Aries and a person begins new life.

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